RIDGEFIELD DRIVING SCHOOL LLC is dedicated to providing the very best driver education possible.   

Our goal is to provide students with the decision-making tools they will need to lessen their risk on the road. We work to increase our students’ level of awareness and teach them strategies to properly manage time, space, and visibility. It is by maximizing control that the new driver will lessen risk.

 The information we provide, when applied consistently and conscientiously, can keep new drivers collision-free.

RIDGEFIELD DRIVING SCHOOL LLC also strives to provide as flexible and user-friendly a program as possible for our students busy lives.


Ridgefield Driving School has been in in business for 39 years as of 2017 and has changed owners only once, with the original owners still working as part of the company. Currently owned and operated by Mark Cyphers, the company employs 5 instructors with a combined 50 years experience.