“Thank your for your dedication and guidance in helping Diego pass his road exam- We are truly appreciateve of the time and effort you invested in his driving education.” – Kenia & Edwin Hernandez (WHS parents)

“When it comes to learning how to drive, there isn’t any place better. Mark and his instructors give one on one lessons that are extremely helpful. At RDS, the instructors teach you everything you need to know and ensure that you are comfortable on the road. Highly recommend.” – Blake Cohen (RHS, ’25)

“I definitely recommend Ridgefield Driving School. Mark’s in-person classes are productive, engrosing, enjoyable and honest. You’ll never find someone off track in his class. He and his team effectively and efficiently build responsible driver.” – Caitlyn Cronin (WHS, ’25)

“Ridgefield Driving School was a great experience for me. Mark make the classes really fun whila also making sure I had the information to pass the driving test the first try! Just watch out for flying soccer balls!” – Aoife Flanagan (RHS student, ’25)

“I really enjoyed driving school because Mark kept classes entertaining and fun the whole time. Two hour (of classroom) sounds long but it goes by quickly. I would highly recommend Ridgefield Driving School for anyone. You learn a lot more than you would think. It was also really easy to make it fit in your schedule.” – Vivi Namiot (RHS student)

“In Ridgefield Driving School it was always a good time. You got to be yourself without anyone judging you. Mark always made classes fun and taught us a lot” – Shane Watters (RHS student)

“(Ridgefield Driving School) was definitely one of the best ways I could have started my driving journey.” – Matt Ferencz (WHS student)

“Kudos to Ridgefield Driving School, a family owned business with attention to hands on detail. Mark and his team nurtured both our sons through pre-license training and we couldn’t feel more confident in their on-the-road safety. We would recommend Ridgefield Driving School to anyone looking to give their children the safest, most practical, realistic experience possible. Mark’s unique, fun and entertaining classroom approach makes the learning experience memorable and interesting. Ablsolutely love their approach!!!” – Denise and Donald Trooien (WHS parents)

“Ridgefield Driving School won’t make you trust anyone else on the road, but they will teach you to trust yourself.” – Jaden Mahoney (RHS student, ’23)

“I loved Ridgefield Driving School. I want to thank Mark, Jackie, and Walt for giving me a great experience.” – Gabby Rowe (RHS student, ’24)

“Ridgefield Driving School definitely makes learning to drive fun. Having in-person classes was essential, allowing me to learn, focus and retain information in a way I would have struggled with online. Mark knows how to bring humor to long classes and not make them feel like a chore; and I learned so much. The driving lessons, although intimidating at first, build confidence and security on the road, which can be difficult with just your parents. The best part, though, was how flexible the schedule is. With the accelerated program over the summer you can do the full program in just 2 weeks. Overall, learning how to drive with Ridgefield Driving School was an extremely valuable experience and I am so happy I chose to go there.” – Olivia Peck (Wooster HS student, ’24)

“Overall, Ridgefield Driving School was the best experience I could have asked for. One thing that stood out to me in particular was how easy it was to speak your mind in the classroom. I never felt like it was an irrelevant question. Another factor that helped me learn was the engaging activities throughout the program. For me personally, in-person classes were a much better experience than an online course because you can develope connections and share ideas with your peers. There was never a dull moment at Ridgefield Driving School. Mark has put together an amazing program and I advise anybody in need of a license to join!” – Spencer Trooien (WHS student, ’23)

“Ridgefield Driving School was the best driving school my parents could have possibly enrolled me in. When I first started driving, I had no confidence with my abilities. However, RDS staff applied their patience and care to my driving development. I feel that I learned and grew so much with them because of how much they care about each student. ALSO – They prepare you for the worst to happen, so when it comes to receiving your license, you are confident in what actions to take during any given situation on the road.” – Zoe Artzt (RHS student, ’24)

“I looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays because drivers’s ed wasn’t boring. I was able to engage in the material and enjoyed doing it.” – Sadie Scaglione (WHS student, ’24)

“(Sadie) really enjoyed having driver’s ed with you. It sounds like you were able to keep the kids interested and engaged.” – Pia Scaglione (WHS parent)

“Daniel is going to miss drivers’ ed – I hear more about your classes and lessons than the rest of school combined. Million thanks!” – Tracy Taylor (WHS parent)

“Thank you so much for the best experience at your school. I really enjoyed your classes.” – Marcus Spadaro (RHS student, ’24)

“Ridgefield Driving School is a fun and comfortable environment. Class was always enjoyable, no matter what the lesson, and I never found myself bored. I always looked forward to going!” – Virginia Platel (RHS student, ’24)

“I attended the Ridgefield Driving School in Wilton. The classes were after school, in person (not virtual) and very convenient. Mark is a great instructor. He made the classes engaging and fun. I later took my driving instruction from the school. They picked me up at my house in Wilton and we drove the test course in Ridgefield. The instructor was a wealth of knowledge and taught me hands-on defensive driving skills. We drove several of the courses in Ridgefield that are used by the DMV evaluator for the test so they were very familiar to me. I took my test in Ridgefield, not at the DMV in Norwalk, and it was great. There was no vehicle inspection since we used the driving school’s car. The DMV evaluator was very relaxed and the test was straight forward. Once I passed, all I had to do was go to the DMV website and pay a fee. They mailed me my license a few weeks later. The price for the classes, driving instruction and driving test were very reasonable and competetive compared to other programs. This was a fantastic way to take my required classes and a great way to prepare and complete the driving test. I would highly recommend Ridgefield Driving School to any Wilton student.” – Blake Bakken (WHS student)

“I’d like to say not only did Mark have a wonderful sense of humor, but he knew how to teach important lessons that became indelible in my mind. I still recall so many things I learned during class when I’m on the road, which has helped me to become a defensive driver and be responsible. Just don’t say ‘yes’ when he offers to play The Game!” – Ethan Paul (WHS student)

“Thank you Ridgefield Driving School for a great experience! I have learned a lot from the program and am excited to use what I learned out there on the road!” – Caraline Fennessey (RHS student, ’24)

“Mark’s interactive teaching style makes sure everyone in class is paying attention. He also makes the class fun and entertaining at the same time.” – Dylan McMenamey (WHS student)