Testing Tips



– K-Turns/3-Point Turns – AVOID curb strikes at all costs! Make a 3-point turn into a 5-point turn if it means avoiding a curb strike.

– Reverse Parking (right side) & K-Turns – Be sure to check over your left shoulder and signal prior to beginning the maneuver. 

– Know how to activate windshield wipers, lights and defrost. You will be responsible for them in the event of bad weather on the day of your test.

– Avoid curb strikes when turning right. DELAY your right turn slightly to allow space to the right. 

– Turn into the lane from which you came. (below)

– Make tight turns smooth and comfortable. SLOW SPEED – QUICK STEERING – AGGRESSIVE EYES

– When choosing a gap in traffic, ask yourself “Will others have to slow to avoid me?” Your gap selection should NOT disrupt the flow of traffic.

– Turn around in your seat and look behind you when reversing. Ask yourself; ‘Would I have seen the small child standing behind the car?’

‘Never enter an intersection you cannot clear’. Be SURE you can make it fully through an intersection BEFORE entering.

– Make deliberate checks left, right and straight before entering any intersection…even if your light is green!